Yes, I blog (shudder)

Yes, I blog. I have resisted that term, a contraction of “weblog,” since I first heard it in 2002. I always told my readers that I wrote “essays” and “limericks,” rather than (shudder) blogs.

Meps at computer inside van.

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, 2004, Meps blogs in the Squid Wagon on a rainy day.

Today, I gracefully capitulate. “To blog” is a verb, and it is what I do. Whatever you call it, my words are meant to enlighten as much as entertain. I encourage my readers to stop, think, and discuss.

For over a decade, I wrote for Adventures with Meps ‘n’ Barry, the blog I shared with my husband. Here are a few of my recent essays there:

Other great stuff includes:

I also have thousands of recipes on the Foodie Gazette.

One thought on “Yes, I blog (shudder)

  1. Meps, just finished your book on Strangers have the best candy, it was given to me by a friend of yours and mine Dick S from NC. I read one of the blogs that you wrote during your stay in NC and laughed till i cried, it was great, I told him if you ever wrote a book I wanted to buy one, he got it for me and it is priceless. You refer to him in Chapter 18 when you took in the young boy using a bicycle to go from Illinois to Alabama. The static that he gave you meant it could be no other than my Friend Dick. We worked together at the Flight Service Station here in NC and DC. Great guy, and best friend. He went to a sail boat and I stayed put with airplanes. good mix. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful stories across this great nation with your husband and friends. May God continue to BLESS you both and keep you always.


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