I Am Worthy

Hank in his I Am Worthy t-shirt

Click on the photo to order “I Am Worthy” designs from our CafePress site: www.cafepress.com/idotamworthy

For anyone who needs support in the face of life’s challenges, the I Am Worthy initiative aims to inspire and encourage you with these three little words: I Am Worthy. It’s such a simple statement, one that applies to you and to everyone around you. No matter who you are or where you live, whether you are female or male, young or old, impoverished or wealthy, black or white, straight or gay, you are worthy.

Try it right now. Look up and declare these three words: I Am Worthy. Try it in front of a mirror. Wear it on your shirt. Write it on a post-it note. Save it as your screensaver. Put the poster on your door. Include “I Am Worthy” in your signature block.

Now, spread the word and watch what happens. Do you know a friend or loved one who is struggling right now? An aging parent, a disabled sibling, someone fighting cancer? How about a child who’s been bullied? Someone who can’t find a job? A refugee? Someone who experiences discrimination because they look or act different? Give them the message and brighten their world. I Am Worthy.

I have created dozens of images with the I Am Worthy message. Here are a few; more are available on the I Am Worthy Facebook page.