Worth 1000 words

We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful, warm spring weather to get lots done. Combined with some graphic design and writing projects I’ve taken on, that means not a lot of time to write for the blog.

But I need to answer a recurring complaint that we haven’t posted any photos of the boat or the boatyard lately. I just got this picture from Nancy Bock, who’s compiling material for the website we’re doing. It was taken by her son, Alex, from the top of the Highway 101 bridge.

The photo shows less than half of Bock Marine. But as you can see, there are plenty of interesting people around Flutterby, and we have the best location in the yard — right on the water.

Flutterby at Bock Marine, annotated

4 thoughts on “Worth 1000 words

  1. Hello Crazy boat people,

    This is a Crazy cat person from Columbus.

    Hope all is going swimmingly for you and yours.

    You boat looks bigger than I imagined.

    Dave Z.

  2. Cute, cute, cute…Flutterby is a very nice looking boat…I am sure you are anxious to get her into the water again!
    (Lung surgery is done, and I am home recouperating. One cracked rib from the surgery, should be healed in another three weeks)

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