What is a Happy Spot?

The Happy Spot

Have you received a Happy Spot card from a stranger, and you’re wondering what it’s about?

In 2009, Meps was crossing the street in Seattle when she discovered a “Happy Spot” marked on the pavement with chalk. She loved the idea so much that she recreated it, using signs, chalk, and later, business cards and postcards.

Meps’ father, Hank, was a huge fan, and he sent the cards to friends and family members all over the country. In his memory, she redesigned the original card and created a large print version.They are always available to anyone who needs one.

Happy Spot business card size
The Happy Spot, business card size
Super Happy Spot Card
The Super Happy Spot, a large print card

How can you get some Happy Spots?

Download a sheet of 10, print it, and cut them out

Order small batches and help cover the cost through my online shop: 1meps.square.site.

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Meps at 2153 Capri Drive, Clearwater FL 33763. I’ll send you a batch of five.

Reach out to Meps with any other requests:

Facebook: 1meps
Phone: 727-222-3599
Send me an email

Meps explains the concept in this brief video slideshow.