The Secret Society of Cats & Chickens

A Key West Adventure Story for Kids and Whimsical Adults

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ISBN 978-0-9916076-8-6 (Amazon)
ISBN 978-0-9916076-9-3 (Ingram)

“Relax,” said the black cat. “Snowshoe and I just want to talk to you.”
“You do?” said Kitty, still suspicious. “About what?”
“About boats.”

Kitty is proud of her adventurous life, having lived and traveled for several years on a sailboat. But she’s also tired of cramped quarters, seasickness, and angry seagulls. She wishes she could get off the boat and stretch her legs.
Her wish comes true when Sue offers her a land-based home in Key West, in a cozy, book-filled apartment surrounded by tropical shrubbery and palm trees.
As soon as she steps outside the front door, though, Kitty finds herself embroiled in the mysterious dealings of the cats and chickens who live in the neighborhood. Thanks to the foolishness of a dog (mis)named Einstein, she finds herself back on the water for the adventure of a lifetime.

With pen-and-ink illustrations by the author, the Secret Society of Cats & Chickens is a lively romp around the real Key West, featuring clever cats, communicative chickens, kindly humans, and a couple of dim-witted (but cute) dogs.