The art of conversation

There doesn’t have to be another person present to have a lovely conversation. To wit:

“Hey, Frankie, did you see that?” We were climbing into the mountains on US 89A in Arizona, and a flock of wild turkeys was crossing the road.

“Yep,” he said, succinct as always.

“I’ve seen cattle-crossing signs, elk-crossing signs, and deer-crossing signs with bright yellow flashing LEDs, but I haven’t seen any turkey-crossing signs,” I told him.

“Me, either. I’ve been watching for bear-crossing signs,” said Frankie.

“Maybe there aren’t any bears up this way,” I suggested.

“You’re looking at one,” he reminded me.

“To be precise and safe, I’m looking at the road, not at you. And you’re not crossing. You’re traveling along the road.”

“Harumph,” he said, and fell silent.

“Look! A truck-crossing sign!” I exclaimed. A few minutes later, I continued. “And a people-crossing sign with more yellow lights! I guess people and deer are somehow more special than trucks.”

Frankie just continued looking out the windshield with his big dark eyes and a mysterious smile on his face.

“Hey, Frankie, have you seen the sky today? It’s absolutely amazing.”

“It always is,” he replied, “but I’m glad you noticed.”

Frankie at the wheel
Frankie, looking at the sky.