Yes, I blog (shudder)

Yes, I blog. I have resisted that term, a contraction of “weblog,” since I first heard it in 2002. I always told my readers that I wrote “essays” and “limericks,” rather than (shudder) blogs.

Meps at computer inside van.

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, 2004, Meps blogs in the Squid Wagon on a rainy day.

Today, I gracefully capitulate. “To blog” is a verb, and it is what I do. Whatever you call it, my words are meant to enlighten as much as entertain. I encourage my readers to stop, think, and discuss.

For over a decade, I wrote for Adventures with Meps ‘n’ Barry, the blog I shared with my husband. Here are a few of my recent essays there:

Other great stuff includes:

I also have thousands of recipes on the Foodie Gazette.