The Joyful Bear, Chapters 24 & 25

Frankie has traveled more than most bears, as visitors to his blog may have noticed. In Chapter 24, he and Meps share some thought-provoking concepts about travel.

Chapter 25 talks about photos, and what the camera really sees when it captures your bear — or you.

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You can find the whole series (in reverse order — chapter 1 is at the bottom) in the Reading The Joyful Bear category.

Little blue heron among the leaves

This little fellow caught my eye at Wakodahatchee Wetlands today. What an intense stare he gave me when I took his picture!

Little Blue Heron

Little blue heron at Wakodahatchee Wetlands

And here are his buddies!

The tradition continues, with a twist

In addition to an author, an artist, and a designer, I am also known as a photographer. For eleven years, I have been publishing a calendar featuring photographs from the past year’s travel.

2016 is the first year I’ve done this completely solo. I’m proud to say that I traveled to all of these places in 2015, and I took every one of these pictures but one — the one of me, on the cover, was taken by my inimitable friend, Harley Russell.

Although this is my 11th calendar, it’s only the second year I’ve posted the images online. The 2015 calendar images are available on my old blog,