Candy Crushes Competition

I am glad to have worldwide acclaim,
In the self-published, dog-eat-dog game,
It’s my title, thank god,
That is prize-winning odd,
Not my writing, my looks, or my name.

Strangers Have the Best Candy in the BBC

Candy Crushes Competition, from the BBC Entertainment News

I am proud to announce that Strangers Have the Best Candy has just received the Diagram Award for the Oddest Book Title of the Year. There is no cash award, just a “passable bottle of claret” awaiting me in London. The Bookseller hinted that agents and publishers “are tipping it to be the ‘hot book’ at the forthcoming London Book Fair.” I don’t know whether to be excited (if it’s true) or offended that they are making fun of me. The real benefit is seeing my name and title in the news as far away as India and New Zealand.

My favorite headline so far is “Candy crushes competition,” from the BBC Entertainment Live page.