Sun boots

“Do I have to?” I whine and I cry,
As I stand under blue, cloudless sky,
But we’ve boiled every pot,
And the water’s so hot,
That my rain boots must keep my feet dry.

Barry buttonholed me today and asked me to to help him pour many gallons of boiling water over plywood (to bend it). This limerick is a fib — you can see from the photo that I love my rain boots. They’re cute and blue, like something Paddington Bear would wear.

The other photo is for my Washington and Colorado friends. It proves we have potheads here in Georgia, too.

Meps in her blue boots and gloves

Paddington Bear helps bend plywood

Meps with a cooking pot on her head

Meps, a two-quart pothead

12 thoughts on “Sun boots

  1. This limerick is about a duck,
    The sound that they make is not cluck,
    I give them a whack,
    If they make a loud quack
    That makes me fall into the muck.

    -I write from experience

  2. Now that I am wearing a pot,
    On my face there is a big spot,
    Where the cornstarch all smears,
    And I think my mom fears,
    That I’m alien when really I’m not

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