Let’s Talk to Strangers

Researchers have proven that talking to strangers is good for us. Although their articles have appeared in the New York Times and the Huffington Post, they have yet to answer the question, “How do you get people to talk to strangers?”

Strangers Have the Best Candy is the award-winning book that answers that question. Margaret Meps Schulte shares her own stories of chance encounters with strangers, illustrating how such encounters lead to adventure, friendship, and serendipity. Readers say that when they finish the book, they have an uncanny urge “to go out and find some strangers to talk to.” Order Strangers Have the Best Candy right now.

“The antidote to cynicism.” “It’s glorious. It’s genius. Go read.” “This book…should be required reading for everyone.”
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From the book jacket:

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a curious, red-haired traveling stranger named Meps, watch out! She probably wrote down what you said…and it’s in these pages, twisted into a hilarious and provocative tale.

In these illustrated stories from chance encounters with unsuspecting strangers, you’ll meet people like:

  • Carrie, the topless runner who popped out of the woods at Crater Lake carrying a bag of flour
  • Tim, the globe-trotting pig farmer with the fake nose in his duffel bag
  • Harley and Annabelle, the not-so-mediocre music-makers and stars of Route 66
  • Captain Craig, the self-proclaimed Scourge of Lake Union and Environs and whatever else needs scourging
  • Chicken Pox Man (but you’ll wish you hadn’t)

You’ll learn what really goes into Happy Stew, where to find the Mythical Butter Divide, and why you should always say yes and always take all your stuff.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how easy it is to get your own candy from strangers and why in the world you would want to.
Order Strangers Have the Best Candy today.