Time out for writing

I’ve been writing and illustrating for the past few months, making the final changes to The Joyful Bear, which comes out on June 28. To be informed of upcoming events, please subscribe to my email list, over on the right side of your screen.

Meps, presenting How to Talk to Strangers

Meps’ giant cartoons are always a big hit with audiences of all ages.

Some of my past events have included signings, presentations, and workshops

Key West Book Tour, including Key West Island Books, the Key West Library, and Hooked on Books, Islamorada.

Two workshops: How to Talk to Strangers and Wanderlove: Living Homeless by Choice. Presented at Critical NW in Mount Vernon, Washington.

The first Local Author Book Fair at the Brunswick, Georgia Library. Held during the First Friday celebration, it gave attendees a chance to talk to authors and get autographed books in a variety of genres.

Meps with two readers

Friends and fans at Daddy Cate’s

Book-signing at Daddy Cate’s Coffees in downtown Brunswick, Georgia. Daddy Cate’s is the best place in town to hang out and talk to strangers!

Margaret Meps Schulte was a featured storyteller at Speak Easy on St. Simons Island, Georgia. She presented “Ship of Fools” at the story-telling event, which was hosted by the Unitarian Universalists of Coastal Georgia.

Signing books at the Blue Goose in St. Marys

Signing books at the Blue Goose in St. Marys

The Blue Goose on Osborne hosted a signing and presentation in St. Marys, Georgia, where Strangers Have the Best Candy was “born.” The giant cartoons are always a big hit!

The Beaufort Coffee Company and Cru Wine Shop, in Beaufort, North Carolina, hosted a signing with Margaret Meps Schulte during the Beaufort Holiday Art Walk. Portions of Strangers Have the Best Candy were written while drinking coffee (and wine, but not at the same time) at this very venue!

Meps signing books

Margaret Meps Schulte in the Green Gables Tearoom.

Book-signing at The Kindred Spirit Gift Shop and Green Gables Tea Room in Beaufort, NC. Featuring Libby Liles, Beaufort celebrity and star of the “Kindred Spirits” chapter.

“How to Talk to Strangers” presentation and signing at Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane, Washington. With special guest Shirley Wilson, Spokane celebrity and star of Chapter 9.

Strangers Have the Best Candy book-signing at the Crimson Cup Coffee House in Columbus, Ohio. Featuring special guest Kumquat, the Tiny Ninja.

Auntie's Books in Spokane, Washington

Auntie’s Books in Spokane, Washington

“How to Talk to Strangers” presentation at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio. A big thank you to Brett Welsh and the staff of the Global Inclusion and Diversity Department!

CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! (and books!) The planet’s sweetest and most interesting author, Margaret Meps Schulte, spent an evening at Sweet Mickey’s in Seattle, Washington, autographing and doodling copies of Strangers Have the Best Candy. Attendees were in sweet-tooth heaven, enjoying candy and ice cream and talking to strangers.

“Thank you so much for sharing your book with us here at Sweet Mickey’s! We loved having you in our candy store.”

Friends and strangers at Sweet Mickey's

Friends and strangers at Sweet Mickey’s

“How to Talk to Strangers” presentation at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington. Full-house, great audience participation!

“You had a great turnout, and the audience was very engaged and interested in your presentation.”

Meps, talking to a stranger

Meps talks to a stranger at Burning Man

Despite rain, hail, lightning, acute appendicitis, and surgery, Meps presented “Strangers Have the Best Candy” at the Center Camp Cafe Speaker Series at Burning Man. What an amazing venue and a fantastic audience!

“How to Talk to Strangers” presentation at Third Place Books in Seattle, Washington. Excellent questions from the audience!

“I really enjoyed your presentation — good job! Especially liked the ‘rules’ for engagement.”

To schedule an event, or for more information, please email Margaret Meps Schulte or call 206.232.1234.