I was so excited when we launched Flutterby, I couldn’t think of a word that rhymed with “travelift.” Never fear — friends came to the rescue with limericks celebrating the big day!

From Nick Blenkush:
There once was a Meps and Barry,
whose boatyard bills were so scary.
The cash that went ‘pffft’,
…paid for the travelift.
And now they are sailing so merry

From Kristin Foss:
There once was a Meps and Barry
whose only sailing was on the ferry
til the mighty travelift
…plucked from the gravelpith
and splashed the Flutterby verily.

From Michael Reardon:
There once was a couple, MepsBarry
who were happy retired and married
they fixed up their boat
…and then set it afloat
and to Florida went without tarry!

From Tara Narcross-Wyckoff:
There once was a Meps and a Barry,
Who in their boat refit project did tarry.
There was so much to do —
…Too much work for just two!
But it floats! Now let’s break out the champagne!*
(* I don’t care much for sherry.)

And one last one from Nick:
There once was a boat not afloat
on the hard getting painted – two coats!
The powerful travelift,
…did set them adrift
After a very large check they done wrote!