Seven precious friends

Left: Sam (Seattle) and Tina (Seattle), Middle: Bob (Seattle), Michael (Seattle), Tom (Yelm, WA), Right: Jon (Beaufort, NC), Jacqui (Bellingham, WA)

Left: Sam (Seattle) and Tina (Seattle), Middle: Bob (Seattle), Michael (Seattle), Tom (Yelm, WA), Right: Jon (Beaufort, NC), Jacqui (Bellingham, WA)

Since the fall, we’ve gotten word that seven dear friends are struggling with life-threatening illnesses. Initially, I felt shaken and helpless, wishing I could help. Now I just go through my day, thinking about them as much as possible. I hope they’re having a good day today, or at least a good moment right now.

Finally, I sat down at my computer and started going through my photos. I found that I’d taken joyful, exuberant photos of each one of them — boating, working, playing, celebrating, relaxing. So I compiled seven of my favorite photos to share with you.

You may not know these people, but if you did, you’d like them. So could you please send them a wish for a good day? If you do that, I’ll have a great day myself!

6 thoughts on “Seven precious friends

  1. To Margaret and your friends: What a wonderful way to celebrate Life,
    and what a great way to introduce me to your friends. Our prayers are with them, and what a shame I have never met them. But if they are friends of my daughter, I know them!

    To Marg’s (my nickname for the dotter) friends: You are so fortunate to have a friend like Meps, but think of me: One of my best Friends is my Daughter. At 84 and still kicking, I hope to be friends with her when I reach 100. And the Doc says that I will!

    Love to all of you,
    Henry/Hank/Dad Schulte

  2. Thanks Meps for thinking of my Jon. He feels the prayers, the love and the healing thoughts throughout his day and is working towards getting this all behind him. We have 3 doctor appointments this week and then surgery on Feb 15th. Pray that this surgery will be step one in his total recovery! Thanks for yours and Barry’s friendship and kindness.

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful group of our friends and adventurists. My stroke came on 15th January and I now know that there is a part of my brain that will not ever again live as it was. My thought is that it might be better without some of what I knew before. I know that I might be even happier with this chance to learn over again. My angst and angry words that had escaped my lips before might never need to express them ever. At this time I am anticipation new learning and I have released quite a load of old habits.
    I have lots of wine that looks to be the best batches that I have brewed to date. Cherry/raspberries, plums and pears almost total 50 gallons of fine wines. I think we need to have a party or two soon.
    I want to know that if I can help my six new and old friends to enjoy me and aid you if I can. I’m rooting for you.

  4. Hey Mepps,
    Thank you for thinking of me…and the rest! It is so nice of you to do this for all of us. We need all the prayers we can get.
    I do not know your other friends mentioned in this e-mail, but I can assure you that they are as frightened of whatever comes next as I am. Knowing that lots of people are praying for us is very comforting and gives us hope, that there might be something discovered to help our situations.

    I remember that Opening Day on Banjo! You and Barry were so cute…great period costumes! I was so glad Howard, Ruth, you and Barry were able to share the day and experience my boat. I was so embarrassed wearing that costume…it was difficult to relax and smile. But…we got through it, and with a second place trophy!

    Love you, Margaret! Thank you for being my friend…Sam

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