Same time next year?

It was crowded, and parking was tight,
When we drove into Beaufort last night,
There were Santas and sleighs,
And a lighthouse with rays,
And the Gilligan crew was a sight.

But our friends from Quebec on the pier,
Say they’re lacking in holiday cheer.
“The parade is quite nice,
“But we’ve seen it now, thrice,
“And we’d like to be elsewhere, not here.”

When I wrote this, I thought it was cute, the fact that our friends from Giva will be out cruising this time next year. However, Val didn’t think the joke was funny, and he asked me to include his comments:

I like you to correct the blog you publish on your site.

As the thing goes, we did not say that they were lacking in holiday sheer.
I never ever said that we were tired of the annual Beaufort Holliday flotilla. It is a very nice event that we enjoy seeing every year. What we said was that it was the 3rd Chrismas flotilla that we saw and that we will not be here for the next one because we will be gone cruising. There is a big difference. If you are to report interview, please do it accurently and not with drama to make it interesting.
So did we never said that we were tired of being in the boat yard. We were tired of working on the boat because it as been so long and we want to keep on moving.

I am asking you to correct that incorrectly reported posting on your site or simply remove it.

I don’t think it’s funny