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Full list of Diagram Prize winners

Full list of Diagram Prize winners

Winner of the Diagram Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year.
“I salute Margaret Meps Schulte for a title which combines award-winning oddity with what can only be described as very bad and potentially life-threatening advice. I also admire the sheer chutzpah and go-getting moxie of an author not afraid to put herself above the parapet—especially when a more than adequate bottle of wine is on offer.”
– Horace Bent, The Bookseller

What's Up logo“It’s glorious. It’s genius. Go read.”
– Brent Cole, What’s Up Magazine

“Recommended for Summer Reading: ‘Strangers Have the Best Candy'”
– Mike Wagoner, Island Review

“Margaret Meps Schulte relishes the revelations that she uncovers while cozying up to strangers.”
Aron Row, San Francisco Book Review

Strangers Have the Best Candy on Amazon

“This is a book that you should not only buy and read but you should also buy a copy for your friends. If you don’t have any yet buy two copies because you’ll have at least one new friend shortly after you read your copy.” ~Roger

“…a wonderful reminder to get out there and meet people – you never know who is about to become a friend.” ~Lor

“The stories in this book of humorous essays inspire each of us to make better use of our days.” ~Janine M

“I think this book, presenting a new and useful philosophy of deliberate social interaction, with people we don’t know before hand, should be required reading for everyone.” ~Craig

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Strangers Have the Best Candy on Goodreads

“This was an entertaining read. As something of a homebody and a definite introvert, I love books that allow me to have vicarious adventures and Schulte has had her share.” ~Amy

“…very quirky, with tons of humorous laughs mixed in to keep it lively! What a great read!” ~F

“…the first non-fiction book I’ve read I did not want to put down.” ~Danica

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From the Strangers Have the Best Candy Facebook Page

“I think this helps people identify with the possibility that they too can open themselves up to new experiences and meet new people.” ~Suzy

“If you are a self-help book carnivore, you can toss much of your past reading list and focus on the message in this book. Regardless of your preference, getting an insight into the core principles that Meps The Seeker has used in her journey will help you in yours.” ~Sound-Man

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From friends and fans

Meps with Sgt. Edward Yamamoto, Seattle Harbor Patrol

Meps with Sgt. Edward Yamamoto, Seattle Harbor Patrol

“I’m usually the driver of the family van, but I asked the Missus to drive us so I could continue reading your book… Finished reading it last night, truly a joy reading each chapter. Thank you again for a wonderful night at the station and for sharing a part of you through your book. I will pass this book along to the other crewmembers.” ~Sergeant Edward Yamamoto, Seattle Harbor Patrol

“I finished your book a few weeks ago, and it is wonderful! I’m so proud of you! Ya did great! I’ve been mentioning it to people and how fun it is. Some I know, some I witnessed, some I’ve heard about, so it was really fun!” ~Carol, Columbus, Ohio

“Just finished the book and I loved it!! It was over too soon! You really did a fine job and we are so proud of you!!” ~Ann R., St. Marys, Georgia

“It was soooo wonderful that I wanted more!” ~Ann F., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Read about Meps’ attempts to bribe the press: “Bribing My Way to the Top,”

“The author of the non-fiction/autobiographical book Strangers Have the Best Candy dropped off a bag of candy with a review copy of the book at Stranger offices. I still haven’t read it. Stranger staff already ate the candy. This makes me feel guilty.”
~Paul Constant, Book Editor at the Stranger (Seattle)