Philip's Personal Photographer

Imagine that for the last couple of years, someone followed you around with a camera, capturing as many of your happy times as possible. What a gift to your family and friends, and what a gift to the photographer, to have captured so much of your joyful spirit on film.

Since 2011, I took that role with my beloved friend and artistic partner, Philip Wilson. I photographed all our adventures together, from one end of the USA to the other, especially Burning Man and Mexico. I documented every step of our joint art installation, Choose Art.

And then, just like that, he was suddenly gone, passing away too young and too soon last weekend. Although they make me cry now, I hope these images of his infectious smile will bring some joy and happiness to the world. That’s what he would want.

Hardship may dishearten at first,
But every hardship passes away.
All despair is followed by hope;
And darkness is followed by sunshine.

~ Rumi

6 thoughts on “Philip's Personal Photographer

  1. Philip was my mentor and guide as I began my technical career in electronics design and general hackery back in the early 80’s. Philip will always be a wizard and inspires my work to this day. Finding this website was quite a shock. All my memories of Philip are positive. He made quite a mark in the world and will be sorely missed.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this tribute to an amazing human.

  2. What a beautiful photo essay. I can tell he was a special person and great friend. Life is too short. Loss of these special people in our lives is so hard, yet how wonderful they made our lives to live. Thankfully, the love and memories last forever. Hugs to both of you. Love you both, Sharon (it was 3 years the 19th and it still brings tears to my eyes remembering what we had and lost and how much fuller my life is because of what we had)

  3. Dear Meps and Barry: It is devastating to hear about Phil and I am sorry for your loss! These photos are a testament of his life “well lived” and I hope they will continue to give you cheer as the sting of his passing fades in the months to come. Hugs to you both. xox Candy

  4. Your brief comments, sharing of Rumi’s poem and your photographs are a gift to us. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Well written, well photographed, well chosen. You have had a rare experience. Thank you for sharing what you can with us. Take the time to heal, and know that the love you pour out will come back to you.

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