Let's do lunch!

It’s been eleven years since I quit,
And I miss all my friends, I admit,
But when you read my book,
You will see, I forsook
Corporate life for a much better fit.

Steve and Meps at Sweet Mickey's

Steve, of Expeditors International, and Meps at Sweet Mickey’s, September 2014

This is especially for my former coworkers, who have kindly encouraged me to be an author and artist, instead of a business analyst, knowledge manager, or systems integrator. I’m probably ruined for the corporate world now, because I can’t remember how to install (is that the correct verb?) pantyhose. I hope I don’t have to wear pantyhose when I make it to the Today Show.

If you’re a former coworker of Meps’, please say hello in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Let's do lunch!

  1. Meps, I look at you, and your life, and your website, and think, it’s a wonderful life. One of these days (I’ve set a deadline of next summer), I’m gonna cut the ties and get out there and start working on the next 30 years…

  2. From the time that we lindy hopped in a random shop in San Francisco, I knew you were special. I’m so inspired that you made living on a boat come alive from your goals sheet. And a book too – wow! Every time I water my dragonfly lilies, I think of you. Keep at it meps!

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