Just-in-time shopping

I was thinking today, “Gee, we’re hosed,”
“It is Saturday, Bock’s shop is closed.”
When up came a roar,
From o’er near the store,
And out the ol’ Travelift nosed.

There were Randy and Kenny and Dale,
But the best part to tell of this tale,
Is how Nancy, Ms. Bock,
Had a tube of Life-Caulk,
That we found on the store shelf, for sale.

An advantage to having internet on the boat is that I can now pen limericks about events right when they happen. A disadvantage is that I can now pen these limericks about events that are critically exciting to us and distressingly boring to you, my gentle reader.

We are living in a region where gullywasher thunderstorms bring buckets of surprise, instantaneous rain. This makes a 20-inch hole in the deck a problem. Hence my joy at getting the new hatch installed today, rather than on Monday.

(Barry points out another disadvantage — that I can be wasting time writing these limericks instead of installing the hatch.)