Julenisse 2023

Meps Schulte's original 2023 Julenisse
Meps Schulte’s original 2023 Julenisse


Meps’ 2023 Julenisse is up to no good!

He’s baaaack, our small Danish friend with the pointy ears!

This year’s Julenisse has decided that some books are contributing to the downfall of civil society, so he’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s especially offended by anything authored by a Schulte, as well as…the Danish dictionary?

I strongly urge you to appease the unseen and mischievous Nisser (who inhabit every house, even yours) with a bowl of sweet porridge or a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, who knows if there will be anything left in the library next year!

As always, you can print him out from the PDF. Then grab some scissors, cut out this Julenisse, fold back the tabs, and place him at the edge of a shelf. His feet will hang over the edge, and a book or knicknack will hold him without tape.