Julenisse 2022

Meps’ 2022 Julenisse

Jeg præsenterermin tredje åreligJulenisse! (presenting my third annual Christmas-elf)

Having completed 18 months of Danish lessons, I continue to learn about the havoc these small barn creatures have wrought on Nordic families for hundreds of years.

His digital mischief this time may not impact you directly, but it illustrates the far-reaching effects of tiny, unseen elves that inhabit your house, computer, and cell phone. Whether it’s mismatched socks, a trip to the emergency room, or the failure of your favorite social media platform, we know who is to blame.

If you can, print this page and then take a pair of scissors and cut him out. Fold the tab back and tuck it under a book on your bookshelf or a candlestick on the mantel. He’ll sit with his legs dangling over the edge and no need for tape.

Don’t forget to leave out a bowl of porridge or plate of cookies for the Nisser on Christmas Eve! These tiny evildoers must be appeased every year.