Julenisse 2021

Julenisse 2021, ©2021 Margaret Meps Schulte, all rights reserved.
Meps’ 2021 Julenisse

The onset of the pandemic last year inspired my unorthodox illustration of a Nisse, the mischievous elf of Danish folklore. Families of yore were expected to set out a bowl of porridge to appease these little barn creatures on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, the elves would wreak havoc on the household the following year.

This year, I’m continuing the tradition with a new commentary on current events, featuring our mischievous friend.

Please print out this page, then take a pair of scissors and spend a few minutes cutting out your Julenisse (Christmas elf). Fold the tab back and tuck it under a book on your bookshelf or a candlestick on the mantel. He’ll dangle happily there there, with no need for tape.

A warning to you: Be assured that unseen Nisser inhabit your house, no matter where you live! You can appease these supply chain-disrupting mischief-makers with a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve.

As always, I suspect a small plate of cookies will suffice, and Santa will be happy to share.