March 17-19, 2023: For All In Tents and Purposes

A family-friendly art and camping event, hosted by Indaba Willage

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Thanks for your interest in our first-ever Burner family camping event! Brought to you by Indaba Willage, home of the original Happy Spot, For All In Tents and Purposes is a think-outside-the-box Burner event. In other words, we’re taking away many of the usual elements of our events to focus on three things: art, community, and pie.

We have booked a tents-only campsite north of Brooksville, Florida with bathrooms, fire rings, and hammock stands. We can have up to 20 pARTicipants total.

Homemade pie

What we’ll be doing

We’re planning on doing a lot of brainstorming and idea generation, along with some crafting and art-making. We’re bringing sketchbooks, pens, materials to make lanterns, and pie (and other food) to share.

When we complete our lanterns, we’ll use them to decorate our campsite and light up the night.

How you can join us

The cost of the camping is our gift to you. However, please read the following requirements:

  • You will need to reserve your spot by March 8.
  • This is a family-friendly event. You don’t have to have kids, but you have to like being around kids.
  • This is a dry event in a state park with no alcohol or intoxicants.
  • All fires will be confined to a fire ring.
  • No amplified sound.
  • The group camping area is tents-only. If you would like to come and need different accommodations, please reach out to us.

Interested? Please let us know using the form below.