How much for the kitty in the window?

The sign at the strip mall simply said “Kitten and Cat Adoption.” The sign on the door said “Open.”

I had some free time and a camera, so I stuck my head inside. I’m not looking for a cat, but I thought I could take some photos to bring attention to cats in need of adoption.

Inside The Cats Meow, I found dozens of happy, healthy cats lounging around, watched over by a volunteer named Kristin. She told me the shelter was founded a couple of years ago by Barbara Eakins, and that the 501(c)3 needs donations of money and supplies, as well as homes for cats. If you’re local to Vero Beach, they’re having a fundraiser on May 14 at Uncle Sam’s.

Here are some of their current residents, looking adorable and adoptable. The internet needs more kitty pictures!

2 thoughts on “How much for the kitty in the window?

  1. Uncle Sam’s is 4216 20 th. St. or 60 and 43 rd. can’t miss it next to the laundry Come out and join us going to be a great time!!

  2. Great pics! Hope this helps find some homes for them. Where is Uncle Sam’s? Thank you for trying to help this Rescue!

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