How I express gratitude — and you can, too

Every time I see Mease Dunedin Hospital, I remember the kindness of the people who took care of my father there. Over the course of seven months, I interacted with hundreds of caring staff members, from the emergency room staff — who got used to seeing me every month or two — to the ICU nurse who kept him alive, to the young man who cleaned his room.

Since my Dad passed away last year, I haven’t seen those folks, but with the hospital across the street, they’re never far from my mind. I decided to create a sign to post in my window, to let them know they are appreciated. I made the signs available in PDF format, so you can post one for the medical workers in your neighborhood, too!

Go to the I Smile First website to download a PDF and print it out. There’s a color version or a black-and-white one that you can color yourself.