How do you write a poem?

How do you write a poem?
Fill yourself full of tears.
Let their blackness rise up, up
Until they overflow
And fill your inkwell.
Then set the tears
To the page.

This is not the poem.

Keep writing until the ink runs dry.
What you find beneath the tears
Is the poem.

2 thoughts on “How do you write a poem?

  1. How perfect! I was just listening to a song on KRVM that had the line: “Loving you makes me want to write bad poetry” …

  2. Poets are distillers. They reduce what they feel until it has strength and power so that almost all can experience the feeling through their own lens. Tears and sorrow always represent unmet expectations. Question whose expectations and ask “Who benefits?” Seek ground where all can benefit, or at least where there is the least harm. Protect your foundations with fervor and patience, then leap from that strong ground into flight. Remember your values and history. Do not be afraid. Love is all around, ready to overcome the fear. Let it.

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