Flutterby's bound for to go

You’re going to love this! Mepsnbarry.com now has a short video of Flutterby sailing, with a musical soundtrack featuring my friends Michael Greiner and Doeri Welch. I filmed it during our shakedown cruise with the new junk rig in December, 2012, in the Intracoastal Waterway, near Wabasso, Florida. The “Easter Egg” portion came from a 2009 Christmas celebration on the hard, in North Carolina.

2 thoughts on “Flutterby's bound for to go

  1. PS: boat looks great! Love the color panel on them, really picks up the hull color…I have a burley to trailer too, couldn’t get by without something. What are your summer plans?

  2. Hola! Wondered how y’all were getting along. C just returned from Ft L FL by boat (friend delivery) and D working w Machinist buddy. All’s well here in Deale. Gonna be a hot summah. Hugs 2U2. xox

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