Fire Spinner Trading Cards

All around the world, there are talented people who perform with fire, turning flaming poi, staves, fans, and more into magical experiences in the dark. When they are done, they melt into the darkness, leaving the audience to wonder, “Who was that incredible performer?”

The Fire Spinner Trading CardTM project is intended to bring light to the performers, to celebrate their accomplishments and give them the recognition they deserve. The decks will contain photos and stats for a variety of fire spinners, so you can collect them, gift them, trade them, and display them.

The project was created by designer Margaret Meps Schulte, who does not spin fire but is deeply impressed by the commitment and dedication of those who do. Featured fire artists will receive complimentary cards and decks, and additional decks will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burnt Oranges.

If you are a fire spinner: Applications are currently being accepted for the inaugural deck of Fire Spinner Trading Cards. There is no cost to apply and no cost to be included if you are selected.

If you would like to get cards: We are currently putting the first deck together. If you would like to be notified when it’s ready, please sign up for the Fire Spinner Trading CardTM email list below.