CHOOSE ART 2012 gallery

Click on one of the images below to view a full-size version of that piece. Before you do, try clicking on the words “Artist’s Statement” in the caption. That will launch a new window, so you can listen to the MP3 recording of the artist’s statement while you are looking at the image. (Sorry it’s a little klunky!)

If you’d like to support the project and show off the art, you can purchase items with many of these images from the CafePress CHOOSE ART store.

2 thoughts on “CHOOSE ART 2012 gallery

  1. Thank you for posting. This was a very important part of my process of Choosing Art at this time of my life.

  2. OH WOW! This is so great to be able to see and hear the statements! Thank you Meps. It is wonderful to be a part of this art movement.

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