A limerick containing Dad's favorite phrase

There once was a fellow named Hank
Who said, “Let’s be perfectly frank
“This party’s OK
But, please, don’t say ‘birthday'”
“POO POO!” cried the guests, as they drank

In honor of my Dad, who retains a prodigious vocabulary in his later years, but has added a number of phrases like “poo poo” and “toot toot.” Friends and family members find such words charming in such an erudite individual, but wonder what the words actually mean.

Controversial topic (but a good rhyme!)

Agnostic folks share a proclivity
For secular Christmas activity.
They’ll party all day,
Not bother to pray,
And prob’ly eschew the Nativity.

This was the first limerick I submitted to the OEDILF. I wasn’t trying to define a word, just write a fun limerick. Now I hang out at the OEDILF site all the time, trying to define words in limerick form.