Something to tickle your funny bone

If you are like me, you get lots of jokes in your e-mail box. Some are funny, some are not so funny. Sometimes, people just try too hard to be funny.

For me, the best humor comes from things that aren’t supposed to be that funny. I’ve found a couple of them on the Internet lately.

Searching for a photograph of a dog wearing a sweater for a practical joke, I found a site with over two dozen photos of dogs in sweaters. My favorite is “Killer.” After picking myself up off the floor laughing, I noticed a link at the bottom to cats wearing sweaters. “Wow,” I thought. “Did they really find a similar number of cats that wear sweaters? What unusual cats!”

Take a look at the dog page, and then click on the Scratching Post link at the bottom. As you’ll see, crocheted sweaters aren’t quite so popular with cats:

On another day, I was looking at websites for real estate agents. I don’t know anything about this Seattle real estate agent, but her Elvis sightings sure tickled my funny bone. The best part is, she didn’t just take photos of Elvis. She had photos taken of herself, with Elvis. There she is, is in every single photo!
Seattle Dream homes — “Elvis ‘n’ Me”

Newest Minority Voting Bloc

Studies show that the average indoor cat now lives to be 17 years old.
That means there are many exceptional cats living into their 20’s.

After her 18th birthday, I found my cat watching CNN and reading the
newspaper, preparing to make an informed decision. Although she’s
concerned that her vote may not count (this IS Florida, after all, where
minorities are discouraged from going to the polls), she plans to
register and participate. As evidenced by the following photo, she’s
eagerly looking forward to her first election.

Voting kitty