Don’t Be a Stranger!

Philip and Meps

Philip, a formerly shy guy, and Meps

Hello, and welcome! You’ve probably landed on this page because you’ve read Strangers Have the Best Candy, and you want more candy. You want to meet more people, make more connections, and find more serendipity. You want to learn how to break the rules and talk to strangers.

Maybe you just want to continue leading a quiet, solitary existence, but you’d like to read more about Meps’ zany encounters from your own armchair.

I hope you find some of what you’re looking on this page!

Do you have a story to share about talking to strangers? Please send it to me or submit it to the book’s Facebook page! The best stories will be published on this site and possibly in the sequel to Strangers Have the Best Candy.

Readers share stories of their encounters with strangers

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