Alice down the rabbit hole

I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. One minute, I was in my nice, cozy boat, on the hard, with the sturdy ladder leaning against the side. The next minute, I’m FLOATING. In water. My whole view on life has changed. No longer is the water “over there.” Now it’s “right here.”

Flutterby left the water on December 13, 2007, at 1421 hours. She returned to her native element on November 30, 2010, at 1448 hours. Our three-month project took us three years.

Watching our boat finally launched after three years

Flutterby floats gently on the water

After the launching, things got very exciting. Ted handed me a bottle of champagne, courtesy of Malla, who always knows how to do things right. Barry was already on the boat, checking the bilges and hauling up the centerboard. I clambered across the plank that Richard laid down, and we rechristened her by pouring (smashing is only for big ships) champagne over the bow.

“I christen thee Flutterby!”

When I looked up, there were about a dozen people on the dock and six cameras pointed at us. It was a very, very happy and exciting moment to share with the dear friends we’ve found here at Bock Marine. Kenny took some pictures for Nancy. Even Carolyn came out of the office to see us floating in the ways.

Now it’s quiet, except for the sound of water lapping against the hull. (And Kris snoring.)

Very soon now, we’ll be slipping our lines and heading south to Florida. So my trip down the rabbit hole continues. Or maybe I just feel that way because I’m going to be upside down in the lazarette for the next few days, stowing things for the trip.

10 thoughts on “Alice down the rabbit hole

  1. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Happy sailing! You will have adventures that none of us can duplicate.Where will you be for Christmas? Wherever it is, enjoy! S.M.Pat

  2. Congratulations on floating your boat! Hopefully all your work on land will mean a relatively trouble-free boat on the water. We look forward to hearing about your cruising adventures! Good to see you in Seattle this summer!

  3. Congratulations! Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Enjoy! You deserve it.
    S. Mary Pat

  4. Whoooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! So excited for you I’m actually crying. Congratulations! So proud of you and Barry for sticking through the hard times and pursuing your dreams – keep going! (I’m slowly but surely getting rid of all my stuff so I can come crew. (-: Much love to you both and that beautiful red boat!

  5. Congratulations! I remember talking about this day in the early 90s, at a meeting in Atlanta. Wow! That’s dedication most people don’t have. Congratulations on achieving your dream and proving yet again that you and Barry are exceptional people!

  6. YOU DID IT!!!

    Doesn’t it feel great? Our anchorage here in S. D. is rolly but the coast guard is training a dolphin right behind us so we’ve got front seats to watch him jump and squeal. You’ll be there soon!!!

    I’m flying home on the 7th for 10 days. I’m sure you saw we had a fire in the house. Scott’s mom is failing also so we aren’t moving onto Mexico until we know if Scott needs to fly home as well. Our plans are on hold. Again, Enjoy.

  7. So the moral of the story is: It takes less time to “remodel-rebuild-refit,” and whatever else, a sailing vessel than it does a house!

    It looks great! I like the color! What are the 2 little shapes on the hull that are bluish with white and/or yellow? Also, what about the blue masts? Just curious. Looks great!

  8. Congratualtions! She looks great. Has it really been three years?

    I think this rabbit hole leads to more and greater adventures. Please keep us all advised.


  9. Yeah! She’s right beautiful! Congratulations on your 3(6) month accomplishment. Stay in touch through your new adventures.

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