Who is Meps?

Meps is an author, public speaker, and artist. She is the creator of I Smile First and The Happy Spot.

Her full name is Margaret Meps Schulte, and she is the internationally-recognized author and illustrator of The Joyful Bear and Strangers Have the Best Candy, winner of the 2014 Bookseller Diagram Prize.

Both books are available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. For autographed copies and Happy Spots, you can order from Meps’ Square store.

“Margaret Meps Schulte relishes the revelations that she uncovers while cozying up to strangers.” – Aron Row, San Francisco Book Review

Meps (rhymes with “steps”) is an expert on how to talk to strangers and make the most from spontaneous encounters. A lively, dynamic speaker, she gives interactive presentations on “How to Talk to Strangers” that are illustrated with original — and unforgettable — giant cartoons.

Drawing on the author’s own chance encounters, Strangers Have the Best Candy makes the case that talking to strangers is good for us. It has been called “the antidote to cynicism” and “humorous philosophy.”

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Meps has been blogging since 2003, originally at Meps’n’Barry, a site shared with her former husband, Barry, and now at 1meps.com. She also publishes recipes and food articles on the Foodie Gazette and is an accomplished photographer and award-winning graphic designer.

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