Inspiration is striking me fast and furious…SIX new limericks in two days!

To pull out the wires from the main
We hired “Mr. Stiffy,” the crane
But the wires all went SNAP!
And the crew all went, “CRAP!”
These unsteppable masts are a pain

When it was time to bring Barry back down
Margaret tried, then announced with a frown
“This thing’s gone amuck!
The halyard is stuck!”
Now we know why the wires are bound!

So we hauled down with all of our might
To bring Barry down from that height
Brian grunted and groaned
Margaret worried and moaned
Barry wondered if he’d be there all night!

There’s a reason we call him, “The Man”
If anyone can do it, Brian can
So now Barry’s on deck
Though Margaret’s a nervous wreck
And all three have a brew in their hands

(#25 and #26) (can you believe we've published that many?)

I am keeping an eye on this guy
Who is perched about 60 feet high
It’s my job to make sure
He is safe and secure
And he doesn’t fall out of the sky

But you’d think he would show some more tact
In appreciation of my kind, selfless act
With a Newtonian splat
Detritus falls on my hat
With a resounding “OOPSIE!” on impact


Led by Neil and his partying friends
The Christmas parade boats do wend
With our genset to light the way
(And our dink as a sleigh)
At the fabulous N.O. West End*

* Author’s note: New Orleanean cardinal designations make little sense to us out-of-towners. The West Bank seems to be south of town, and the West End is miles away from it, on either the south side of the lake or the north side of town. Given how confused they are about “west,” I wonder where they think Seattle is???